Your Financial Security & Wealth Management Architect

My Mission is to Postively Impact Your Life & Legacy Beyond the Balance Sheet

I will change our world one individual, family and business at a time by helping you continually align values and intentions with financial decisions and actions. Planning so as to alleviate economic & financial concern frees you to pursue your life's purpose & heart's desire.

HOPE is a great feeling, but not a very good STRATEGY. As four-letter words go, PLAN is the one you want, if to be as SURE and CERTAIN as possible is your GOAL. 

It's my privilege and pleasure to help you envision, then prepare for the years and life ahead. Regardless of what the future holds, planning by design vs. by default helps assure the best possible outcomes

Simply put, I help you make smart decisions with your money.  Who can afford not to? Plan for the worst and hope for the best ~ then fully enjoy the latter!

Our Process:

We employ a holistic planning process facilitating clarity, conviction and confidence in one's planning. Insure for the worst and invest/plan for the best!

Sheila and her team excel in serving:

  • Pre-post retirees with wealth management and income optimization through a unique strategy designed to preserve and manage your wealth, protect against risk and provide you with predictable steady income for life, and
  • Widows, divorcees, single professionals, same sex couples and families wishing to educate their children and help assure current lifestyle and retirement security/flexibility for themselves, and
  • Individuals wishing to plan their estates in a most efficient and self-directed manner.

Having your "Financial House" in order requires a well-thought out and expert blue-print, a solid foundation, and skillful, attentive execution along with ongoing attention. We'd like to be your PARTNER  - your Financial ARCHITECT, if you will - in that effort.  

Your secure & envisioned future isn't just our mission; it's our PASSION!

- Sheila Roesler


Wine, Women, Wealth and Health

Sheila Roesler hosted an event featuring nutritionist and author Marcia Crawford.  Learn more.


Sheila Roesler featured speaker at Northwestern Mutual's 2012 Annual Meeting

Sheila is pictured here presenting to peers on Northwestern Mutual's cutting-edge Retirement Distribution Strategy at the July 2012 Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, WI. This honor culminated almost two years of heavy involvement in the launching and rollout of this industry-leading capability.

The patent-pending modeling and related strategy integrate not only investment management (which must look different in the 'spending' vs. 'accumulation' stage for most of us!), but also the very real risks of extended longevity and long-term care events, cash management needs, and legacy desires. Hundreds of possible inflation and investment return are also modeled vs. our simply 'estimating averages' in a straight-line fashion. The strategy helps those with adequate assets and income resources optimize - and assure to the extent possible and practical - that retirement income generation, risk management, and estate planning strategies optimally position one to realize retirement financial security and legacy goals and thus, lead as worry-free and enjoyable a life in this 'next third' as possible.

Sheila was chosen to help launch, refine, train on and publicize this strategy as one who is already heavily utilizing the component principals and strategies actively in her financial planning practice. If you are approaching 50 or beyond (or a great 'younger' saver), and are wondering how to best position yourself to live your ideal life, it's never too early to begin setting the stage, nor to optimize your outcomes even if already knocking on the door of, or actively into retirement. Sheila would love to share these capabilities with you and others you know who might benefit from our perspective and passion around this and related planning topics.

Integrated Retirement Strategies

The Wealth Channel Magazine - Helping Clients Through Retirement (53-0195)Sheila Roesler is quoted in Wealth Management Channel Magazine article on using an integrated retirement strategy to help ensure financial security through sound planning that is customized for a client’s needs.





Plan Now for Your Future

Financial success doesn't happen by chance; it has much more to do with choice. Transforming aspirations into actuality takes acumen, hard work, discipline and strategic financial planning.

Life’s complexities leave little room for "standard" approaches, so Sheila uses a four-step approach in working with her clients:

Planning Horizon graphic

Sheila Roesler's planning process is unique.  She starts at a different plane than other advisors:  above the planning horizon, focusing on helping you clarify your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.

Then she focuses on the issues below the horizon – Strategies, Tactics and Tools.

By staying above the horizon and gaining clarity around your goals, Sheila can help you make wise choices about the solutions below the planning horizon.

Working in the best interests of her clients is Sheila's business, and she takes this role very seriously.

Whether you're concerned for your own planning needs, your family or your business, Sheila Roesler can help you find the right answers.

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Sheila A Roesler, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®

Wealth Management Advisor

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